And the winner is…

Pirates needed a ship.  It was their home; they lived and died on their ship, they travelled on their their ships and fought other pirates. The ship was their life.

I don’t know which of the groups was first to reach it, but there are two (check on the leader board) that have over 500 XP points. As I told you the first group with this amount of points would receive a pirate ship, but I don’t know which group was first. So, two groups win the ship. Please speak to me sometime this week about it.

Don’t worry if your group has less than 500 points, you still have a chance to find the treasure. All you need is 900 point before the end of trimester and here is how to earn 15 points (for you and for your group). It’s easy and fun, draw this pirate ship and bring it to class.

Do you speak dog?

You probably think that it’s hard to learn English. It has many strange words, the pronunciation is different from your own language and it’s difficult to understand when people speak it.  Ok, all this might be true, but how do you think animals communicate. Do they have conversations? Does one dog ask another “How are you today?”. Can they communicate? If you have a dog, how do you know if it’s happy, sad, scared or wants to play with you? Do you speak dog language? Watch this short video to learn about how you can understand dogs.

Happy Christmas!

Ok, I know it’s a little bit late for this, but here there is a little video I recorded for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it 😉


and anyway, do you know who was Santa Claus? Is he real? Is he a legend? Why don’t you read this entry in Wikipedia about Santa? Did you know that there is a website where you can see where Santa is? Now, he’s probably in his village, but you can visit it and learn about Christmas traditions in other parts of the world, watch videos or play games. Have a look.